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About CCM

The Chin Community Ministry’s passion is to connect American individuals and families with our Chin brothers and sisters in Christ living in Lewisville, Texas. We seek to help meet the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of these refugee families as they begin new lives in America. We are an all-volunteer organization, funded by individual and church donations, whose mission is to equip the Chin to fulfill their dream of becoming productive citizens of the United States of America.

Our initiatives fall under 3 major platforms: Establish, Equip and Engage – in English. Volunteers can be involved in a variety of ways such as befriending a Chin family, equipping children and parents to understand our school system, donating or assisting with goods, helping in our office, providing transportation, teaching ESL classes, or assisting with short-term initiatives such as clothing distribution days, back-to-school paperwork, and Christmas outreach. Our volunteers are followers of Jesus Christ who come from a variety of local churches.

We appreciate your interest in our organization!

– Becky Nelson, Director

Core Values


Not just a slogan or a non-profit label. The Chin people are 98% Christian. Together we acknowledge our dependence on God for all provision, all answers. We give away what God gives us to give: most importantly, we give ourselves.


The Chin have strong pastors and churches, and they do not need us to teach them the Bible. But all of us, Americans and Chin, struggle with living out the truths of the Bible. We seek to live out our faith with integrity in front of them, as they watch us to see how we live out Christianity in secular America.


We believe that churches, both Chin and American, as followers of Jesus Christ, should work together on common goals.


Everything we do is designed to build relationships. Even at the risk of organizational efficiency. We are as much a social network as we are an organization. And the Chin have taught us that “being” with them is as important as “doing” for them. Our purpose is not to create one-time mission events for churches , although we recognize the value of such events. Our purpose is to create cross-cultural friendships that mutually enrich. We seek to be brothers and sisters in Christ with people who come from a very different cultural background, and learn from them.


The Chin are “dependent” financially on the American government when they arrive in the U.S. We seek to work with them as they move out of dependency into independence through jobs, English skills, their own community support. However, we pray that they will not stop there but will see the value that American friendships can bring to their lives, and seeing the value that they can add to American lives.


We are strong advocates for the Chin as they encounter the bureaucracy, paperwork, automated phone systems, indifference and sometimes hostility of the American suburban systems they must learn to navigate. We believe they should have an opportunity to live out the American dream but pray continually that they will not become materialistic in the process.


We believe people in a community, no matter what their faith, ought to work together on common goals. From the beginning, we have sought to cooperate and share knowledge and resources with other groups serving the Chin, staying non-territorial. We stay as organizationally flexible as possible so that resources are not wasted on duplication of services.


We are an equipping/learning organization. We seek to equip the Chin, each other and volunteers by continually learning ourselves. We in particular seek to help the Chin understand education as a pathway to vocation, something they have never experienced.


We are an all volunteer organization. And we seek to put volunteers in places of service so that they can use their God-given gifts and talents to meet genuine need.


We especially seek to build relationships with the next generation – both Americans and Chin – in order to reduce the risk of alienation that second generation refugees often experience and to offer guidance to younger Americans who must learn to build cross-cultural bridges in the global culture they will live in.

Jen & Dan Potter: Chin Community Ministry