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Office PERMANENTLY Closing November 14, 2019

Chin Community Ministry’s office at Basswood will PERMANENTLY close November 14, 2019.  To the many many people who have supported the Chin refugees in Lewisville with your time and financial support through Chin Community Ministry, we say a very big thank you.  A final newsletter will be sent out in December.  Records of contributions made to CCM in 2019 will be sent out in December as well.

Celebrating CCM & Becky Nelson's Leadership

In 2007, Becky Nelson became aware of the growing need of Chin families moving into Lewisville, Texas.

This group of refugees from Burma, now called Myanmar, had begun settling in Lewisville after a Chin pastor moved to the area.

Now, 12 years later, Becky can look back on an amazing journey of serving hundreds of Chin – facilitating their transition into U.S. culture and connecting them to community resources and U.S. families.

There are now very few families migrating from Myanmar. The Chin people of Lewisville are established, supported, and beginning to thrive.

Because of these successes, CCM has decided to wind-down its ministries and programs by the end of 2019.

These decisions coincide with Becky’s announcement to the Board that she will be retiring.

Throughout the remainder this calendar year, the CCM Board will work with Becky to ensure the healthy transition of existing programs that enable the Chin people to flourish.

It will also ensure that open casework finds resolution or is directed appropriately for continuation. Specific details will be announced in the months ahead.

Becky and the Board would appreciate your prayers during this transition, as well as your patience while details are discussed and finalized.

Thank you so much for your support over these many years.

We pray that you would continue to engage with and enable the success of the Chin people of Lewisville!


The mission of Chin Community Ministry is to walk with our Chin brothers and sisters in Christ who live in Lewisville, TX. We help establish, equip, and engage the Chin by connecting them with American individuals, families and community resources to help meet their practical, emotional and spiritual needs as they begin a new life in America.

The Newsletter

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Donate with Network for Good

Chin Community Ministry (CCM), organized under a 501c(3) of the same name, is accepting charitable contributions through Network for Good. These contributions are tax-deductible. All donations are considered part of the general operating fund and designated funds are not permitted. Donations will fund activities that help to establish, equip, and engage the Chin Community in Lewisville, Texas as that population undertakes the complex process of acculturating to the United States of America. Chin Refugees have designated legal status from the U.S. State Department as individuals fleeing from persecution in the country of Myanmar.